Final: Middle Tennessee 49, Georgia Tech 28

Georgia Tech was beaten soundly.

There was no sense of urgency, and there was certainly no defense. It was another poor performance by Al Groh's group, which was coming off a meltdown in last weekend's overtime loss to Miami.

With back-to-back losses and an 0-2 hole in the Coastal Division standings, Georgia Tech has to figure out what it's playing for at this point. It has to find some leadership before things really come unraveled. The Jackets had four turnovers against Middle Tennessee, and were actually outgained on the ground. When Georgia Tech has to play from behind, its passing game struggles. We've seen it before, and we saw it again against MTSU. Quarterback Tevin Washington threw more than 20 times -- a rarity in coach Paul Johnson's spread option offense. If Georgia Tech struggled to beat MTSU at home, the Jackets should already be concerned about what's going to happen on the road next week against a ranked Clemson team in Death Valley.

To be beaten at home two weeks in a row is embarrassing for Georgia Tech, and today's loss to MTSU is another dent in the ACC's already beat-up fender.