Talkin' Top 25

Yeah, that's right. I had Miami in my Top 25 for ESPN.com this week.

I figured I'd give the Canes some love for their 3-0 start in the ACC. The rest of the country isn't buying in just yet, as Miami only had four votes in this week's Associated Press Top 25. Fair enough. They're certainly not a flawless team, but I'm willing to give them credit for finding a way to win each of the past two games. Win against Notre Dame and there's no question they should be in.

As for the rest of the ACC? Florida State is in a great spot. The Noles are No. 3 this week behind Alabama and Oregon, and Clemson is No. 15 as the ACC's only two ranked teams. The fact that Clemson avoided a letdown against BC was bad for Frank Spaziani, but great for the ACC because it kept the league's hopes at two BCS bowl teams alive. I still think Clemson could prove me right and finish as a top-10 team. Its only loss is to the No. 3 team in the country right now.

FSU fans on today's chat were wondering what has to happen in order for the Noles to move up. Well, the most obvious answer is that Oregon has to lose, and it's a very real possibility considering: A) They've still got four ranked opponents on the schedule and B) If we've learned anything in college football it's that upsets happen. It's not time to exhale yet -- and that includes FSU.