ACC remains No. 6 in latest power rankings

The ACC remained No. 6 in the latest ESPN Stats & Information conference power rankings, losing more ground to the Big Ten and the ... Big East.

At the start of the season, the ACC was ahead of those two leagues, but having only two ranked teams has pushed the ACC down to No. 6. It also has a losing head-to-head record against the Big East and no undefeated teams, compared to three in its rival conference.

What is clear in these rankings is the separation between the top three conferences and the bottom three conferences. The Big East, at No. 4, trails the Pac-12 by nearly 30 points in the calculations the Stats & Information team has made.

The SEC, with four of the top seven teams in the first BCS standings, is ranked No. 1.

Here are the complete power rankings.

ESPN Stats & Information College Football Conference Power Rankings