David Cutcliffe still committed to Duke

'Tis the season for college coaching rumors to begin.

As Duke coach David Cutcliffe was talking to reporters on Wednesday's ACC coaches teleconference, Cutcliffe-to-Tennessee talk was underway on Twitter in response to Joe Biddle's column, which posed the question if Cutcliffe would be the answer to Tennessee's problems.

It's not the first time.

In 2010, Cutcliffe withdrew his name from consideration for that job.

"You follow your heart in big decisions," Cutcliffe said then. "I have a lot of ties and a lot of people that I'm very close to, and a lot of respect for the University of Tennessee, but my heart is here. We've worked very hard these two years to change the culture, to change the team physically. You feel like the job's not done, and in this era, it bothers me, what we do as coaches, moving here and there. This is mid-January. Nothing about that felt right to me as a person."

That's why Cutcliffe is one of the good guys in this business. After a six-win season that has Duke bowl eligible for the first time since 1994, don't be surprised to see Cutcliffe's name in the rumor mill again. It should be. He's one of the best. He's also still committed to Duke.

"I'm not focused on any other job, you know that, other than this one," he told me today. "We're in a great run. I'm in a great place. The most important thing to me is the people. I have such great admiration and friendships with our leadership here at Duke, from the president, the director of athletics, our entire program, our families, our staff is very, very happy here, so the only thing we're thinking about is Duke University."