GT/VT halftime report

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- There is a battle between quarterbacks going on here, but it's not between Tyrod Taylor and Sean Glennon. No, that decision appears to have been made -- Glennon didn't play a snap in the first half and his streak of nine straight starts was broken.

The duel here is between Taylor and Georgia Tech quarterback Josh Nesbitt. So far, Taylor has the edge with a 14-9 lead. Both of them have proved what their coaches have been trying to tell us all along: They can run and throw. But their ability to scramble is what has kept this game close. Neither has thrown the ball more than nine times, and that's exactly what Virginia Tech needs because of its poor pass protection. Running back Darren Evans is also separating himself from a pack that includes Dustin Pickle and Kenny Lewis.

Georgia Tech didn't throw it once in the third quarter, but they're still figuring out the timing of this offense and it's shown again with two fumbles lost. While they continue to learn it, Nesbitt will continue to throw it. He found Roddy Jones wide open for a 41-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter.

The Yellow Jackets fumbled and lost the ball three times at Boston College last week, but the Eagles weren't able to do anything with it. Virginia Tech is being a little more aggressive.

They're also getting back to the fundamentals of Beamerball, as defensive tackle John Graves has now blocked a kick in all three games.

These teams are so evenly matched statistically at the half, it seems like whoever makes the fewer mistakes and has the better quarterback will win this game. I'm watching Sean Glennon warm up now and wondering if that's the most he'll see of the field.