NC State laments dropped passes

There are plenty of woulda, shoulda, coulda moments in any football game, most especially the heartbreaking losses.

So you have to wonder whether NC State's game against North Carolina would have turned out differently had the Wolfpack not had so many dropped passes.

Ten to be exact.

Could a couple of catches instead of so many drops turned stalled drives into scoring drives?

"Certainly you can't be happy with dropped passes," coach Tom O'Brien said on the ACC coaches call. "Once again, I think that's a matter of concentration. We had 10 on Saturday. We have a quarterback that threw for 460 yards. If you catch some of those passes, some of those are game-changing passes. He might have had 600 yards passing the ball."

Indeed, Mike Glennon seemed to do no wrong against the Tar Heels last week, slicing and dicing his way to a career-high 467 yards while tying a school-record with five touchdown passes in the 43-35 loss. Bryan Underwood had yet another touchdown reception, but he also had at least one crucial drop. So did leading receiver Quintin Payton.

It is going to be tough to win when your most reliable receivers fail to make the simplest plays when they are wide open.

"I've always talked to the quarterbacks about it, the law of averages is going to play out," O'Brien said. "They're going to make 10 great catches in the next four games. They owe us those. They have to find a way to make 10 great catches and get us back to even."

Their next opportunity comes Saturday against Virginia and a pretty green secondary. If the Wolfpack can protect Glennon up front, he should have a chance to make some big plays.

His receivers just have to help him out.