Friday Mailblog

Heading to College Park this weekend to see a true freshman linebacker play quarterback. Huh.

Vegasnole in Las Vegas, Nevada, writes: If FSU wins the ACC are they locked in to the Orange Bowl VS the big east champs? If Clemson wins out and gets a BCS bid they could play A higher ranked team in the Fiesta Bowl. As an FSU fan I would rather that option.

HD: If they win the ACC, the Noles are locked into the Discover Orange Bowl unless they're in the national championship, but they're not locked into playing the Big East champ. Right now it looks like they would play Boise State, which is likely to qualify automatically. If Boise State trips up, then yes, it would be against the Big East champ.

Ryan in Pensacola, Fla., writes: Heather, Is it going to take FSU beating UF by three scores to get some BCS love? It appears the BCS would really have no problem with a 3 loss SEC team ranked ahead of the Noles.

HD: Well, it certainly wouldn't hurt, Ryan. Bottom line is they've got to win out, and other teams have to lose, which they will. It will be interesting to see what would happen with a Clemson win over South Carolina, an FSU win over Florida, a Notre Dame loss at USC, an LSU loss to Alabama, and an Oregon loss to Stanford and/or Oregon State. Hey, stranger things have happened.

Jim Holbert in Chantilly, Va., writes: Heather, I read most of your columns and mostly agree with your viewpoints. I am a lifelong Maryland fan which is mostly unfortunate for me. I have 2 quick questions for you:1. If C.J. Brown had never been injured, how do you think their season would have turned out?2. Where do you see this team going forward in the next 1-3 years?Thanks for your time Heather!

HD: Jim even with Perry Hills I thought the team was going bowling this year. Randy Edsall did a great job of getting his guys to turn things around and believe. I think Edsall has proven that he can win at Maryland, and he probably saved his job this season. The Terps are still going to be behind FSU and Clemson, though, in the Atlantic Division race. I think they can be a program similar to NC State in that every now and then they pull off an upset, but I think being a consistent bowl team is going to be the long-term ceiling as long as FSU and Clemson continue to recruit like they do.

Scott in Avon, N.C., writes: What are the chances UNC runs the table? The next three teams they play are a combined 9-15. If UNC wins out and finishes 9-3 how important would a top 25 appearance be to a team with no goals left?

HD: I think the Tar Heels win out, and I think it's huge for that program and a great success for Larry Fedora. It will help in recruiting, and to finally get over the eight-win hump will be proof that UNC hired the right guy and can move forward knowing it can contend for the ACC title.

Eddie K. in Miami, Fla., writes: Hi Heather,I may be a bit biased about this as a Tar Heels fan, but I was wondering what do you think Bernard's Heisman prospects would have been if he had played every game this season? Thanks

HD: Better, but considering UNC is ineligible for the postseason, he would probably still be overshadowed by the likes of Collin Klein and AJ McCarron, who are both playing for national title contenders. You could ask the same question about Sammy Watkins at Clemson.

Kevin in Richmond, Va., writes: Heather,There has been a lot of talk about Clemson and FSU being in line to help the ACC get 2 BCS bowl teams if they each win out.But, the ACC could get some poisoned candy and have a little deja vu if Virginia Tech, Miami, or Duke beat FSU in the ACC Championship game. This would put a Coastal team into the BCS with the autobid and Clemson if they win out. What are your thoughts? Probably not likely, but anything could happen in Charlotte.

HD: Kevin, you're absolutely right. Anything can happen. We will get a sneak preview of what an FSU-VT matchup might look like next week when the Noles head to Blacksburg. We've seen what happens when FSU and Duke play, along with FSU and Miami. If those scores are any indication of what's to come in Charlotte, this should be a moot point.