ACC race update: Week 11

Here's what we know heading into Week 11: Boston College, Wake Forest and Virginia are the only three teams that have officially played their way out of the ACC championship race.

There are a lot of long shots, a lot of what-ifs, and a lot of scenarios still remaining. Here's a simplified version of how the race stands today:


  • Florida State will win the division if it wins its final two ACC games against Virginia Tech and Maryland.

  • Clemson can still win the division if Florida State loses again.

  • Maryland and NC State can get back in the race if FSU and Clemson both lose twice.

  • If FSU wins on Thursday night, Maryland and NC State are out of the race.

  • If FSU wins on Thursday night, and Clemson loses on Saturday to Maryland, FSU will clinch the division.


  • If Miami wins its remaining ACC games, the Canes win the division.

  • If Duke wins its remaining ACC games, AND Virginia Tech loses again, the Blue Devils will win the division.

  • If Georgia Tech wins its remaining ACC games, AND Virginia Tech loses one AND Miami loses two, the Jackets win the division.

  • If Virginia Tech wins its remaining ACC games AND Miami loses twice, Virginia Tech wins the division.

Here's what we don't know: How Miami's decision to self-impose a bowl ban will affect this race, IF that's what the program chooses to do. If Miami and North Carolina are both out of the postseason, there are too many mind-boggling scenarios and too many possibilities still remaining to narrow the focus. If Miami decides to remove itself from the postseason, the Coastal Division will be even more of a jumbled mess that will go down to the wire.