Overheard in the ACC

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

When the coaches speak, I listen. Here's are a few of their better lines this week:


"Congratulations to Anthony (Poindexter), well deserved. He is one of the all-time great players here. I thought they were retiring my jersey once, too, between games 9 and 10 but I found out that somebody stole it so I had to change numbers. That's about the closest that I came to envisioning something like that."


"Nothing at BC surprised me. I'm surprised that you guys never pick them.”


"You can’t cover everybody and play the run like you need to and double cover (Demaryius Thomas). You can, but they’ll penalize you. We’ve got it figured out if they’d just let us play with that extra guy. And they ought to, we need it right now.”


"In the ACC, the only team that seems way out in front is Virginia Tech and they’re not in our division. You can’t ever give up. People who are not competitors and have never had to compete in their life, they quit, they give up, they faint. Of course, when you’ve been in this ball game, you learn to never give up."


"I really don’t know what’s going on," he said when asked about Bowden's situation this week. "I’m too busy getting my team ready to play to follow all that. I was asked if coaches get upset with the fans and I don’t think they do. People are human, certainly you are going to hear it and its part of the profession. What set off the firestorm there was when the member of the Board of Trustees came forward and made a statement like that. If it were fans, probably nobody pays that much attention. You have to understand this is a what have you done for me lately business; it’s the nature. But, that’s life. I don’t care if you’re selling cars or insurance, if your sales drop off, they’ll look to move you on down the road. It’s the nature of the profession, but the hard part with Bobby is that he is such a class guy and is one of the greatest all-time coaches. You would think he has done enough so that he can go out on his own terms. In my mind, he put Florida State on the map with what he did."


"They are not running (Riley Skinner) as much as they have in the past. Now that I’ve said that, they’ll probably run him zone option all over the place. I don’t know whether they are afraid of him getting hurt or what."

JIM GROBE, on Maryland quarterback Chris Turner

"He owned us last year."


"We want to play A.J. (Highsmith), but we don’t want to get him in there just to hand the ball off. We want to get him in with a chance to run the offense. We’re more comfortable with A.J. now for a number of reasons: We’re not seeing the fumbled snaps. He’s getting guys lined up and handling motion well. He’s more comfortable with the offense."


"(Dave Shinskie) is progressing just like a freshman would. He is making some progress but by no means is he a polished, accomplished field general. There is not enough experience there. Once again, he is getting better, he is learning and we see improvement. We still need to see a lot more."


"What we try to do with the walk-on guys, is get guys that we feel have a shot to earn a scholarship, and Cody (Grimm) was certainly in that category. That scholarship has paid off very, very well for us. You are talking about a fantastic player that means a lot to your football team, that got to come here as a walk-on. We were the ones who got lucky there, I can tell you, because he is a real football player."


"As much as we struggled to move the football, twice we had the football inside the 25-yard line and we had to settle for a field goal and we got a personal foul that took us out of potential scoring range. It’s hard to get down there. We’re struggling to get down there. And when you do get down there, you can’t lose those potential opportunities. Possibly two touchdowns might have gone a long ways on Saturday, as opposed to just kicking a field goal."


"I talked to Peyton (Manning) Friday night and we were going through every play of the 1994 Gator Bowl when we played Virginia Tech, same defensive schemes. He was telling me everything we should run. I said, 'by the way, you better be worried about what Seattle's going to run on defense.' He said, 'We'll be OK,' so I guess he knew what he was talking about."

Manning completed 75.6 percent of his passes in a 34-17 win over Seattle, so clearly he did know what he was talking about.