BCS standings reaction: Week 13

Somebody schedule a group therapy session for Florida State fans. They’re going to need it after looking at the latest BCS standings:

No. 3 Georgia

No. 4 Florida

No. 10 Florida State

No. 11 Clemson


Who programmed “overrated” into the computers this year? There’s no way Georgia and Florida are THAT much better than the ACC’s top two teams -- if they even are better at all. Florida State has a chance to prove that this weekend, when the Noles host the rival Gators in the final game of the regular season. On second thought, Florida’s unwarranted ascension in the BCS standings might be the best thing to happen to FSU because if they win on Saturday, it will carry even more significance.

A shakeup in the standings was expected this weekend after Oregon and Kansas State both lost, but the rapid promotion of the SEC East comes as a surprise while the ACC maintained its status quo. Florida beat Jacksonville State. FSU won on the road to clinch the ACC’s Atlantic Division. Georgia overcame a slow start to beat Georgia Southern, not to be confused with Georgia Tech.

The SEC is rewarded for beating up on the little guys while the ACC is penalized for it.

It’s a head-scratching system for sure, and one the ACC can team up against this weekend by beating its SEC rivals in convincing fashion.