Terps to Big Ten: Good or bad?

Maryland is on the move, breaking ties with its conference home for the past 59 years.

University officials made no bones about their reason -- money. Tradition: out the window. Rivalries: out the window. Student-athletes: nobody thinks much about them anymore, do they? Fans: they will understand once they see the bottom line, right?

"It guarantees our athletic department and our university financial stability,” athletic director Kevin Anderson said during the news conference Monday announcing the move. "We have done so much with so little for so long."

Not everybody is thrilled with the move. Former Maryland basketball coach Lefty Driesell said, "I think it’s ridiculous, a big mistake. At Maryland it’s all about money. This was done solely for money and that’s not what college athletics is about."

Tom McMillen, the lone dissenting vote among the Board of Regents, told The Washington Post, "When there is no time for deliberation, when commissioners flush with dollars from their conference are dictating to college presidents -- when student-athletes and coaches aren’t even brought into the conversation and traditions are thrown away like dirty laundry -- there is a recipe for something all right,” he said. “In my view, how this was handled will have long-term detrimental effects on college sports.

"I’m not saying we shouldn’t do this. I’m saying they wanted us two years ago. They will want us in two more years. To totally disregard the athletes and have this crammed down everyone’s throat over a weekend is just awful."

Maryland officials obviously disagree. Now it is time to hear what you think. Vote in our poll, and let us know if you think the Terps made the right move.