ACC Friday mailblog

What in the world is everyone gonna do this Saturday??

David in Hilton Head Island writes: good afternoon Heather,Curious to know where you would put Pitt and Syracuse in your power rankings?Thanks,Dave

HD: Well, I asked Big East/ACC blogger Andrea Adelson since she has seen more of them this year. AA's take: Both would be above Virginia Tech, and Syracuse would be above Pitt because of the head-to-head. (And the head-to-head of Pitt over VT). AA also said Syracuse ahead of Duke. I agree. Would definitely have them behind FSU, Clemson and Miami.

Ken Morrison in Tallahassee, Fla., writes: I'm a Florida State graduate, season ticket holder and booster. But we have the worst 11-2 team in the country. There are even those in the "inner circle" who are upset with the play of the team and the calls by fisher. So we beat georgia tech 21-15 to advance to the Orange Bowl. do you realize how close the Orange Bowl came to having a #15 team playing an unranked team? Don't be too hard on the FSU fans. We just expect more than we are getting for the price we paid. Thanks for your time.

HD: I hear you, Ken. I was just talking the other day how to some FSU fans, Jimbo Fisher might be the most unpopular winning coach in a BCS bowl this year. And yet the Noles could be 12-2 with an ACC title and BCS bowl win. I'm guessing if you would've told many FSU fans this preseason that would be the case, they'd gladly have taken that. I realize, though, that they're looking for more. This is a big first step, though.

Bubby in hurricane wv writes: Do you think coach Golden stays a the "U" and if so how does the future of the football program look to you.

HD: I feel like I get asked this question every week (because I do). I don't see Al Golden going anywhere anytime soon. Recruiting is still going well, and the future looks bright. I think we'll know a lot more about the future of the program soon, as the NCAA should be delivering the Canes with their notice of allegations. Then we'll know how serious this thing is. If the worst of the postseason bans are behind the Canes, I'm picking them to win the division next year.

Chris in Norwalk, Conn., writes: Heather,From your perspective, what did you take away about BC's commitment to build a consistent national football program with the hire of Steve Addazio with just a 4-7 record for 2012 at Temple? Although he was 9-4 in 2011, the trend is not favorable and makes you wonder if the 2011 success belongs to Al Golden's recruiting?

HD: Well, I don't think it's fair to criticize him too heavily or say he's the wrong guy for the job based on a 4-7 record at Temple. Don't forget he was coaching with MAC talent in the Big East. He has lots of energy and that's exactly what BC needs - some life, a breath of fresh air, a positive, upbeat change of pace. And it's much better than going out on a limb and hiring a guy who's never been a head coach before, which would just concede to being a stepping stone job. We'll see how he does, especially being in the same division as FSU and Clemson, but right off the bat I think it was a great hire.

Tim in Jacksonville, Fla., writes: Now, looking back at the failures for ACC vs. SEC rivals on the last week of the season. No one has metioned the SEC teams that won played at least one cupcake(UF 3) before playing there rivals. Heck you almost get the feeling the SEC was looking at these as must win games to keep there reputation. Could we see the ACC schedule change to have CU, GT, and FSU play at least one or two cupcakes before facing there rivals next year?

HD: I have no idea when the schedule is going to come out, usually happens in February, but with going back to the eight-game schedule, and it being the last season for Maryland, and everything that has happened, it wouldn't surprise me if it was a little later than usual. I think it's a great idea, though, to follow the SEC's gameplan and schedule an FCS team before the rivalry game. Of course, there is the danger of looking past the little guys to the big game, but overall I think it beats playing back-to-back must-win games, or season-defining games.

John in Tampa Bay writes: I know you are an ACC blogger. But as an FSU fan I want your unbiased opinion. Would it be better for Florida State to be in the Big 12? I mean, we would get more money for one and there would be no more questions about our strength of schedule.

HD: I get that, John, and I know many FSU fans agree with you. But it wasn't the ACC that killed FSU in SOS this year, it was Savannah State and Murray State and a loss to NC State. Why not stay in the conference that gives you the best chance to own it and play for a national title? I want to know -- to the DIME -- exactly how much more money FSU would make in the Big 12. The ACC is hardly going broke.

Carla in Houston writes: If, big IF, Maryland gets out of the ACC at significantly less than $50 million do you see the FSU to the Big 12 rumors start to fly up again?

HD: No doubt. To me, how that lawsuit is settled will determine whether we see another program or programs leave. I know the presidents have expressed their solidarity, but what if Maryland escapes at only $25 million? To me that opens the door for a whole new ballgame.