Q&A: BC coach Steve Addazio, Part I

Steve Addazio has called his new job at Boston College his "dream job." I had a chance to ask him why, and plenty more during a recent phone conversation after he was introduced in Chestnut Hill.

Why are you the right fit for Boston College?

SA: First off, I’m a Northeast guy. I’ve recruited the Northeast my whole career. And I’ve got a real proven track record throughout the Northeast and just have great relationships with high school coaches. and then of course, I’ve recruited into Florida. I’ve had a great bunch of relationships in that state, and really did a fair amount of national recruiting at Florida, so really I feel like I can get into Florida and understand where I can go with the right programs. And then of course being at Notre Dame, recruiting nationally, always my main target was in the Northeast, but I was involved in Indianapolis, Chicago, Ohio Catholic Leagues and just being at an institution where you’re really looking for players, student-athletes that really respected the opportunity to get a great education and be at a Catholic university. That’s a piece of it.

For me, my Catholic faith is very important to me and my family. That’s absolutely an important piece. This is a family place. It’s a small school. My whole thing is great chemistry, kids that respect football, respect academics. I just love the atmosphere here, the all for one and one for all among the coaches, the faculty and administrators. My experiences, where I’m from, my recruiting, they want the big thing here is a guy who can excite, unite the alumni, the fan base, the city, Boston College and bring in here a great deal of energy and passion and embrace recruiting and embrace all the things that go along with college football. Honestly, it felt right, right from the start. When I met everybody here, I walked away and I was like, this is me. This is a tremendous fit and sometimes you feel good about certain things, but I felt good about everything.

How did the whole process go down?

SA: It happened pretty quickly. They reached out to me. We had a chance to get together, and they were exactly what I was looking for and I was exactly what they were looking for. It was just a sincere click. Right away you felt this was right. Brad (Bates) is one of the really great ADs in the country. I’ve known of him and known him and all the people I know and respect, (Florida athletic director) Jeremy Foley and those guys speak the world of Brad, and (former coach) Gerry DiNardo and so an opportunity to be with him really meant a lot to me. So yeah, it happened pretty quick and I think both sides just felt like this is really, really the right fit, the right chemistry.

There have been some down times, and Boston College is in a tough division. What is it going to take to get things turned around and get back to playing for ACC championships?

SA: Obviously recruiting. You’ve just got to do a great job recruiting. That was a big component here, the ability to recruit. You just can’t come into the Northeast and show up as some coach who’s never recruited here and think you’re going to have great success. You’ve got to pay your dues. Just building a real chemistry and an energy and a toughness I think there’s a lot of things that can be done. You’ve got a veteran quarterback coming in here, and a young defense.

I just think we have to keep recruiting, we have to keep developing and there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t get back to where we were, and go beyond that. That’s the job at hand right now. It’s not a quick thing. It’s not like bam, bam and you’re all set. You’ve got to build it. Recruiting takes time. It’s all about getting on the young players and developing relationships and Boston College, and I am, we’re in it for the long haul. We’re going to build it, develop it and then win as many games as we can win. I like the future, but I know the work that’s at hand. The real grind. There’s a reason why I’m here.

Check back Friday for the second part of our interview, where we talk about his offensive philosophy and fitting what he likes to do with the team's strengths.