Monday chat wrap

Miami will win the Coastal Division next year.

How 'bout Carolina??

2013 is the Year of the Tigers!

Today's chat was spent in part discussing the future hierarchy of the ACC, along with expansion, the "most hated" team in college football and Virginia Tech's staff. For those of you who missed it, tsk tsk. It did spark some debate, and my colleague, Andrea Adelson, will have more for you on Tuesday about how the Big East teams would have fared in the ACC this year. As for next season, I said today on the chat that next year will still look much the same as this year.

Here are some highlights for you:

jeff [via mobile] 2013 acc rankings. Go!

Heather Dinich (1:03 PM) 1. Clemson, 2. Florida State, 3. Everybody else.

Will (Blacksburg): Bigger surprise: VT Football season or VT basketball season

Heather Dinich (1:06 PM): Definitely football. Hokies' hoops are 7-1, though, does that make up for it? Probably not, if you're a Hokie. Am I right?

kevin (North Carolina) [via mobile]: Thoughts on Duke for next year. Jeremy cash looks like a stud. Also the switch to Boone.

Heather Dinich (1:07 PM): Duke set the standard this year. Wake Forest knows what it's like to raise expectations. So does Mike London. Duke fans should expect to get to a bowl again next year, not take a step back, but the entire division should be better. Actually contending for the title will be a reach.

Eric (Petersburg, VA): Coaches already on the hot seat for next year are...

Heather Dinich (1:23 PM): I'd say Paul Johnson, but I really truly believe they will be better.

Bob (Atlanta): Hey Heather....a week or so ago, you made a comment that you expected Miami to win the ACC next year. However, in one of your first posts today, you were asked for the 2013 ACC rankings, for which you replied "...1. Clemson, 2. Florida State, 3. Everybody else."....So which is it??

Heather Dinich (1:24 PM): Yep, that's it, Bob ... you can go ahead and throw Miami in at No. 3. Whether or not they beat Clemson in the ACCCG will be up for debate, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with that matchup.

Eric (Miami): Can you give me a 2013 Heisman preview? Would it include Duke Johnson and/or Stephen Morris?

Heather Dinich (1:26 PM): I think you have to start with Tajh Boyd and Giovani Bernard if they're both back, but both Canes could work their way on the list, and if I had to name five to start, I have no problem including them, but that's an all-ACC list, not national. On a national list, I think Boyd starts out as the ACC's lone contender.