Easy decision for Boyd: Stay at Clemson

Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd has officially filed his paperwork with the NFL draft advisory board, and will discuss his future after the Tigers' bowl game.

What's there to discuss?

Unless Boyd is told he will be a first-round pick, there is no reason for him to leave Clemson. If he does, he would be making the worst decision since Darron Thomas left Oregon last year. Thomas, you recall, shocked just about everybody when he announced he was leaving to enter the NFL draft. Then come April, he promptly went undrafted.

While it is hard to fathom Boyd going completely undrafted if he chooses to leave school, there is little doubt he would stand to benefit from another year leading the Tigers' offense.

For one, there is nobody listing Boyd as an early round pick for the 2013 draft, let alone in the first round. Mel Kiper Jr. does not list Boyd among his top five junior quarterbacksInsider. Even his offensive coordinator, Chad Morris, believes Boyd is first-round talent but this may not be the year he gets picked in the opening round. Coach Dabo Swinney has said he would be surprised if Boyd decided to leave.

Boyd has remained coy on the topic. Last month, he said, "Whenever you get the paperwork back, you sit down with the coaches, and you sit down with your parents and talk about it and make sure I make the best decision possible. Submitting the paperwork is good so you know where you stand in the eyes of those coaches over there, and if you decide to come back, it lets you know what you need to work on."

Plenty of players submit paperwork for evaluation. I have no issue with Boyd doing that, because he will get a more accurate picture of what scouts think of him, and where he needs to improve. Boyd is right that any evaluation will help him. But at this point, there doesn't seem to be any decision for Boyd to make at all.

He should stay.