Two answers for Virginia Tech fans

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Virginia Tech fans seem to have two pressing questions on their minds these days: 1. Why don't we see David Wilson more, and 2. What's going to happen next year when Darren Evans is healthy and the backfield is too crowded?

Well, I spoke with running backs coach Billy Hite on Monday and asked him for you.

Regarding Wilson, Hite said:

"David's done a pretty good job of picking it up. The problem is there's not enough balls to go around. With Ryan [Williams] playing so well and [Josh] Oglesby coming in ... he averaged 9 yards per carry against Duke and 12 yards per carry against Miami. That's the problem you get into sometimes. I think David is getting great experience. He got 18 plays in the game the other day. He's getting some great experience. He had two plays in the game where he almost breaks 'em for touchdowns. One time we were running the outside zone and if the tackle had just turned about a half step quicker, I believe David would've been in the end zone, I really do. Right now we still have a long season left. He's got to be ready if something happens to Ryan or something happens to Josh, he's got to be ready to carry the load. I'm glad we're playing him, I really am. He's on our special teams, he's a return guy for me. And he's working hard, but right now, the other two are a little bit ahead of him."

On what the heck he's going to do next year when Darren comes back:

"I'm going to tell those guys the same thing I told them at the beginning of this year: I don't make the decision on who starts. You guys in this room make the decision who starts, who plays second team and who plays third team. I'm going to play the best player, and that's going to be the starter, and whoever is playing the next best is going to be the first guy in the ballgame. It's going to be up to them. I think that's why our backs are so good, because of the competition they face every day. The neat thing is when they go into a ballgame, if Ryan does something good, well, Josh wants to top that. Those guys, they're very focused the whole time knowing a mistake could cost them a spot. None of them can look back at all. They really can't. They can't look behind and see what's coming up behind them."