Friday mailblog

Seriously, more than half of the questions this week were about the schedule and rumors of realignment. I'll give you one each ...

Harmon in Richmond Hill, GA writes: HD, any word on the schedule? I saw rumors that it was coming out last week and still no schedule and its Thursday. Why can't the ACC get schedules out like the SEC two years in advance.

HD: First, don't pay attention to rumors. The truth is in the blog. Second, you can't compare conferences when it comes to releasing schedules. The ACC got behind the moment it decided to move from a nine-game conference schedule back to an eight-game schedule. Every school had to scramble to fill that spot. Finally, my guess is that this year's hang-up is the same thing as last year -- Labor Day. Just a hunch. I would expect the schedule to be released by the end of next week.

Randy in Columbia SC writes: What's this I'm hearing about UNC and UVA leaving the ACC for the Big 10? Any truth to this rumor and if so would you think that Clemson and FL Sate would jump to the Big 12?

HD: You guys love your rumors. I have zero confirmation in any of this, and every single time I speak with John Swofford or anyone else in Greensboro, the message remains the same: Everyone is happy, nobody is going anywhere, solidarity rules. I simply can't imagine UNC going anywhere without Duke. Could you? Doesn't make sense. With that being said, ever since Maryland decided to pick up and head to the Big Ten, I have been convinced that anything is possible. The key to conference stability lies within the ACC's lawsuit against Maryland. If the league can force the Terps to pay up, it will reinforce the exit fee and make it tougher for anyone to follow Maryland out of the ACC.

Jaryd in Charlottesville writes: On your top 25 player countdown, I followed closely earlier on to see if Virginia got any shoutouts as Tre Nicholson, Kevin Parks and Morgan Moses have been pretty good players, and Moses being likely to play at the next level after this year. I really don't see him making the top 5 in the ACC, and was wondering if you were planning any honorable mentions where we might get a little love?

HD: Yep, check back on Monday for No. 1 and guys who just missed the cut. Also, it's important to remember that NFL potential or projections weren't a major factor in these rankings, only on-field production in 2012.

Michael A in Boston writes: Heather, I read your blog ALL the time. Your coverage of the ACC is great. I mostly read for anything related to the U, but I've enjoyed reading about teams I'm not passionate about too.Do you have any thoughts on the Mario Cristobal situation? Seems strange that he would leave Miami in just a month. I know Canes nation is feeling a bit of betrayal from a former Cane no less.

HD: Wait, wait ... is this a Miami question that didn't have the four letters (NCAA) in it? Congrats. Let's talk football. Losing Cristobal was a hit for the staff, no doubt. He would have brought a lot in both experience, recruiting and knowledge of the area. It was a terrific hire, but I wouldn't read too much into the departure. It didn't have anything to do with the NCAA, according to my sources.

Eric S. in Jacksonville/FL writes: Hello Heather,I am an alumnus of FSU and rather sad about how next season looks. I am an FSU fan, but I am not blinded by my alligences. I know we gained new talent this signing day, but we are losing a lot of experienced and talented players (many of which are guaranteed to become NFL athletes). Our quarterback situation leaves me concerned, the coaching turnover is troubling, and I would really hope that a condition on the offensive coordinator job is play calling because Jimbo needs to stop. Having said all of that, I unfortunately agree that it will be Clemson representing the Atlantic division (probably against Miami). Do you have any encouraging words about our qb situation and hopefully our playcalling?

HD: Well, first we need to see who Jimbo Fisher hires as an OC, and no, to answer the other 100 questions in the mailbag this week, I've got no news on that front. As for the quarterback situation, I think FSU fans should be encouraged because at least there are very talented options available. We'll know the answer to the play-calling after we learn who the OC is, but I'd be surprised if Jimbo gives that up. This year's version of FSU reminds me of last year's version of the Hokies ... there was still a lot of confidence in the team in the preseason, but nobody really gave enough credit to how much had to be replaced. With all of the staff turnover, the change in quarterback, and some big losses at defensive end, there are sure to be some growing pains. As always, though, FSU fans can take solace in the fact they have a different caliber of athlete than the majority of teams in the Atlantic Division.