Rank 'em: ACC's nonconference schedules

Today, we gave you our version of the toughest nonconference schedules in the ACC.

Now it's your turn.

The folks at SportsNation were kind enough to set up a Rank 'Em, so you can create your own list if you disagree. It's not easy, especially when you take into consideration if the games are home or away, how many bowl opponents there are, how many FCS opponents, and how much weight a marquee game carries when there are three other very beatable teams on the schedule.

One factor worth considering -- though it can also be deceiving -- is opponents' 2012 winning percentage. Here's a look at how the ACC teams stack up in that category to help you in your ranking:

North Carolina: 74.5

Clemson: 71.4

Pitt: 67.3

NC State: 65.3

Virginia: 62

Georgia Tech: 61.2

Syracuse: 58

Florida State: 56

Virginia Tech: 54

Maryland: 52

Duke: 47.9

Wake Forest: 42.8

Miami: 37.5

Boston College: 36.7