Vote: Hokies scratch Thursday home games

When asked by readers and ACC fans which venue in the conference has the best game-day atmosphere, my answer through the years has remained the same: Virginia Tech on a Thursday night.

I’ve felt the press box literally shake with the excitement of the fans as they jumped, and I’ve been on the field as the players stormed out to "Enter Sandman." There’s something different about Lane Stadium on a Thursday night that makes it special -- not to mention so difficult for opponents.

This season, for the first time in 11 years, Virginia Tech will not play a Thursday night home game, and you can count me among the many fans of the game who were disappointed with this decision. There is a hole instead of a Thursday night highlight in the schedule.

"It is what it is," coach Frank Beamer told ESPN.com. "Whenever they tell us to play, that's when we're going to play. Some of our fans, probably travel-wise, it makes it a little tough. There's good and bad in everything."

Athletic director Jim Weaver had the fans in mind when he requested there be no Thursday night home games for the Hokies this year, but the national exposure for the program and the tradition and pageantry of it all is why so many dedicated fans have found ways to rearrange their schedules and their lives for the past 11 seasons.

Knowing Virginia Tech fans, they would have found a way to do it again.

There’s only one way to find out for sure. Cast your votes now.