Maryland has staff stability for a change

Maryland players endured one version or another of the coaching shuffle over a three-year span beginning in 2010, when coach Ralph Friedgen was dismissed.

Randy Edsall took over in 2011.

Then he brought in new offensive and defensive coordinators in 2012.

Only Boston College, Pitt and North Carolina endured as much uncertainty at the head coaching/coordinator positions over the same-three year span.

But look at Maryland now. That uncertainty has given way to some calm. As in -- no staff changes at head coach or coordinator for the first time since 2009. While Florida State bled assistants during the offseason, Maryland kept everybody in the fold and became the only team in the ACC to keep its staff intact for another year.

That is like hitting on a Hail Mary to win a game. It is possible to accomplish that feat; but it does not happen all that frequently.

You can look at staff loss in a variety of ways. Florida State clearly had excellent assistants that other programs wanted. When you are a top-rated program, sometimes you lose an assistant or two. Maryland is still rebuilding, but the good news is that Edsall did not decide to initiate changes the way he did after his first season.

That should help the Terps as they continue to make their climb back up.

"Everybody knows what we’re doing, everybody knows their role, everybody knows what their expectations are for their position," Edsall said in a recent phone interview. "The kids know how their coach coaches and how he deals with them. The more continuity you can have, the better. That’s one of the things I’m pleased about, is that we do have the same staff intact. And other than the seniors who graduated, we still have a lot of guys who came back and played football for us last year.

"I feel the kids that were the young guys last year that played and redshirted have really done a really good job of getting themselves bigger, and faster and stronger. The communication part of it is huge because we haven’t lost anybody."

Maryland has its share of players to replace, particularly on defense, so we will see how much the staff stability has helped with the development of the younger players who are going to be relied on in bigger roles this season.