Podcast: Clemson coach Dabo Swinney

Earlier this week, ACC blogger Andrea Adelson wrote about how Clemson has embraced the expectations of a national title this year, and what those within the program think needs to be done in order to reach that lofty goal.

How, though, did Clemson even get to this point, where playing for a national title isn't so far-fetched anymore?

ESPN.com's Ivan Maisel talks with Clemson coach Dabo Swinney about spring football and the rise of the Tigers over the past couple years. Swinney said in 2010 his program grew as team more than any year he's been head coach -- a rough year that ended with a bowl loss. Since then, Clemson has found a way to win more consistently.

"There's a culture we've been trying to build around here and I think is in place," Swinney said. "These guys expect to win, and more importantly, they know how to prepare to win. They're not afraid to work, but you really start over every spring."

Check out the podcast for more from Swinney on the maturation of his program.