BC won't have names on jerseys in 2013

Boston College will have a different look to its uniforms this season.

No, the Eagles will not feature some funky fluorescent jersey combos. Oregon pulls that off best.

But new coach Steve Addazio has decided he is going to strip the names off his players' jerseys. He dropped that little nugget during his ESPN.com chat Tuesday, telling readers he made the decision, "So we stand as one."

Boston College would be the lone ACC school without names on the backs of its jerseys. Maryland did it briefly when coach Randy Edsall came aboard. Pitt also did it briefly last season, when coach Paul Chryst told his players they would get their names back when they started playing together as a team. The names were restored for Pitt's game against Notre Dame.

Addazio's players at Temple the past two seasons did not have their names on their uniforms, either, but that tradition was started by former Owls coach Al Golden when he arrived in 2006.

Only a handful of schools throughout the country go "nameless." Most of them are the more traditional powers like Notre Dame and USC. But you certainly can understand why Addazio made this decision. Boston College has been mired in a losing slump over the past several years, and Addazio knows he has to change the culture around his program.

One of the big ways he has gone about doing that is trying to create better team unity and chemistry. Players praised Addazio this spring for the way he has tried to change the mindset, and they are eager for a fresh start.

There may be no better way to foster that feeling of togetherness than having everybody forget about themselves and come together as one.

For Boston College.