USA Today: ACC revenues on the rise

USA Today does a great job of collecting and researching data, and the latest report details revenues and expenses for 228 Division I athletic departments in the country.

There is good news for the ACC: In comparing this year's database with last year's, it looks like every school that reported saw an increase in total revenue. Keep in mind that private schools like Notre Dame, Miami, Boston College, Wake Forest and Syracuse don't have to report their financial information, and Pittsburgh is protected by restricted Sunshine Laws, so its database wasn't available, either. A few quick observations:

  • Louisville will be a money add to the ACC, as it would be ranked No. 2 in the ACC in total revenue right now.

  • The Terps are heading to the Big Ten for financial reasons, and the athletic department depends heavily on subsidies -- more than any other school in the ACC at $17.2 million.

  • Florida State made the biggest increase in total revenue from last year, jumping from $78.5 million to $100 million. Rival Florida, though, dropped from $123.5 million to $120.7 million.

Here is the breakdown of ACC revenues and expenses, according to the USA Today database:


Total revenues: $70,002,280 (No. 37)

Total expenses: $67,783,797 (No. 38)

Florida State

Total revenues: $100,049,444 (No. 13)

Total expenses: $90,278,878 (No. 15)

Georgia Tech

Total revenues: $63,184,163 (No. 44)

Total expenses: $61,179,789 (NO. 44)


Total revenues: $87,840,501 (No. 20)

Total expenses: $84,133,793 (No. 21)


Total revenues: $68,142,660 (No. 39)

Total expenses: $68,109,639 (No. 35)

North Carolina

Total revenues: $82,424,430 (No. 25)

Total expenses: $81,921,783 (No. 24)

NC State

Total revenues: $59,757,911 (No. 46)

Total expenses: $56,332,313 (No. 48)


Total revenues: $80,835,566 (No. 27)

Total expenses: $75,437,849 (No. 30)

Virginia Tech

Total revenues: $70,723,748 (No. 34)

Total expenses: $66,970,798 (No. 40)


  • Clemson $5.3 million

  • NC State $5.4M

  • Georgia Tech $6.9M

  • Virginia Tech $7.6M

  • Florida State $7.7M

  • UNC $9M

  • Louisville $10.7M

  • UVA $13.1M

  • Maryland $17.2M