Coaches weigh in on recruiting proposals

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. -- Earlier this month, the NCAA suspended recruiting deregulations that would have allowed unlimited text messaging from coaches to prospective student-athletes.

You can bet the ACC coaches let out a collective cheer. Duke coach David Cutcliffe, the coaches' chair, reiterated during the ACC spring meetings that his group is completely against recruiting deregulation.

"We far more favor regulation than total deregulation," he said. "We have concerns with deregulation, that it turns into a free-for-all. We are not in favor of earlier communications with prospects. We are not in favor of unlimited calling or text messaging. We feel that’s a distraction to the student-athlete, particularly juniors or even seniors for that matter.

"The theme coming out of that room is regulation as opposed to deregulation. We also took the approach and I think our coaches did a great job of this, not voting or talking legislation based on what’s good for our program but what’s good for the student-athletes and what’s good for the game. As the chair this year I would commend our entire group of ACC coaches. It was well done in that regard."

On one more recruiting issue, Cutcliffe said the ACC coaches still want an early signing period. That issue has been debated for years now without a resolution.

"When it comes to the recruiting rules, we’re not really in favor of any big changes to our calendar," he said. "The one thing we think needs to have serious study is an early signing period, with not any change to the calendar."