Scott Shafer talks Syracuse QBs

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. -- There is one burning question above all others that folks have asked about the Syracuse quarterback competition headed into fall practice.

What happens when Oklahoma transfer quarterback Drew Allen is added into the mix?

Syracuse coach Scott Shafer cannot publicly comment on Allen until the player is on campus and enrolled in school next month. But he did talk in generalities about the difficult challenge in trying to divide up reps with a fourth player now added to the mix with Terrel Hunt, Charley Loeb and John Kinder.

"The biggest thing is we have to make some quick decisions as to how we’re going to do our repetitions and make those tough decisions early in camp," Shafer said during ACC spring meetings. "The first six, seven days are going to be really important, getting them all on video tape, then moving forward, and as coaches making the tough decisions as to where we’re going to put our heavy reps."

Does a player coming into the mix with a much shorter time learning the playbook begin at a disadvantage?

"It’s verbiage more than anything else because concepts are the same," Shafer said. "Same plays, different verbiage so it’s translation and seeing how quickly that can happen but those things happen a lot without ever having to step on the field because it is a language thing more than concept."

Hunt seemed to emerge from the pack after the spring game. Shafer said he believed Hunt benefited greatly from getting more reps this spring than he ever had before as a third-string quarterback.

"Terrel did a great job," Shafer said. "It’s an interesting thing. There are only so many reps a kid can get in the fall outside the scout team. Terrel was caught in the middle of being the third or fourth guy and seeing if he was going to get repetitions with Ryan [Nassib] getting all the reps and Charley [Loeb] getting a handful of leftovers, really. So as we went into spring ball, it was really wide open.

"We gave all three of the quarterbacks equal opportunities with the reps, especially the first 10 practices. All three of them got equal opportunities and we moved them up and down between the first and second groups and that’s when you saw a little separation between Terrel and the othertwo2 guys. We’ll have a good competition, nothing better than competition. It’s a matter of getting them in there and seeing who can pick it up and run with it."