Halftime: Georgia Tech 13, Virginia 6

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- A quick look at the first half:

Stat of the half: 35. That's how many rushing yards the Cavaliers have so far in this game. Mikell Simpson entered the game averaging 49.4. He's got 4 so far.

What Virginia needs to do: Run the ball. Simpson is back. Use him. The passing game has been struggling, in part because quarterback Jameel Sewell is off, in part because there have been some drops, and also because Georgia Tech's defense is playing well. If they can get their offense going and continue to limit the big plays, the Cavaliers could pull this off.

What Georgia Tech needs to do: Continue to control the clock and stop the run, and eliminate turnovers. The Yellow Jackets have played well enough to win in the first half, despite the respectable defense Virginia has played, but they need to get better on third downs as they've only converted 2 of 8 so far. They're wearing out Virginia's defense by keeping them on the field.