How does Bryn Renner reach elite status?

North Carolina quarterback Bryn Renner has all the physical tools to become an elite quarterback in college football this season.

So I posed a simple question to North Carolina offensive coordinator Blake Anderson during a recent phone interview. What does Renner have to do to reach that level? Here is what Anderson said:

"Neither one of us thought he played very good the first six games of the year. We thought he was really sporadic, a lot of stuff going through his head, forcing the ball and most of his turnovers came early in the season when he was not sure where things should start or finish. I think he was trying to do too much, he was trying to prove himself whether it being to the people in the stands or to me or the team. I felt like the last six games of the year he played as good or better than anybody in the country at that position. Our goal was to build on that this spring and I would say he did that. He did a really good job. His work ethic is better, he’s stronger than he was, he has a better understanding of the offense, so I wanted him to step it up a notch, I wanted him to be in more command of what we’re doing. I wanted him to be more aware of what’s happening around him. I don’t want him to just know his job. I want him to know what his guys are doing and why.

"He’s taking steps toward being a well-rounded comprehensive quarterback -- not just a guy who plays the position and can throw, but a coach on the field. His work ethic’s allowed him to do that. He does have all the physical tools to play at an elite level and we’re going to need him to do that, with as many new parts as we have on offense, we’re going to need him to be solid every week and not make the rookie mistake, not make the forced throw, not take the sack when he’s got outlets to get rid of the ball. Reducing bad plays that he had last year is something we’ve really focused on and just being calmer and more of a communicator to the guys around him, and I think he’s doing all those things."

Renner's last four games in particular were solid. Renner threw for over 300 yards in each of those games, with 11 touchdowns to two interceptions, and UNC went 3-1. He completed over 70 percent of his passes in each of his last two games. You see why Anderson is so hopeful Renner can just pick up where he left off.