Dare Dave Doeren?

Go ahead, Dave Doeren, join the women’s golf team for a day. Dare you.

How about the women’s volleyball team? Bass fishing? Rifling?

Double-dog dare ya.

Careful: If you “Dare Coach D,” he just might do it.

This summer, NC State has started a clever, fun series called “Dare Coach D,” in which first-year football coach Dave Doeren has been dared by other players and coaches on campus to participate in one of their sports for a day. The videos are running every Tuesday in June and July on GoPack.com. The football players don’t participate, but Doeren said they’ve definitely gotten some laughs out of it.

“They’ve made a lot of fun of me,” he said, “I know that.”

Doeren said he has enjoyed the different challenges, and found his time with the rifle team particularly interesting.

“It’s not like you’re hunting,” Doeren said. “If you’ve watched it, you’ll see what I’m saying, the way they stand, and the accuracy they’re shooting with -- you can’t move a millimeter to hit the target. You have to be totally still. It was impressive, the detail of what they did.”

A little different than hitting a receiver in the numbers.

Doeren was more familiar with the other sports. He said his sister was a college volleyball player so he “had a clue” when he went there. Joining the women’s golf team was as bit of a humbling experience (“They coached me up,” he said, “gave me some lessons.”)

In another dare, Doeren joined a member of the “Bass Pack,” NC State’s bass fishing team. Doeren, who said he loves to fish when he’s not working, watched as Paul Owens reeled in the first catch of the day.

“That’s a nice fish,” Doeren said in the video. “I think he’s got the secret lure on. He gave us these dummy lures.”

It wasn’t a complete bust. Doeren caught one.

“They just weren’t biting that day a whole lot,” he said.

While at Northern Illinois, Doeren participated in “Doeren Discovers,” which was similar to “Dirty Jobs.” Doeren said this was a spin-off of the idea, but with more of a focus within the athletic department than the state. There’s more to come, as Doeren also said he will join the men’s basketball and soccer teams for a day.

“I grew up playing a lot of sports, so a lot of these things I’ve done before, growing up,” he said. “I’ve never been a baseball player, so hitting the softball I wasn’t as good as I probably should’ve been, but it was still fun.

“It doesn’t take much time,” he said. “Everyone can find an hour in their day to do something for somebody.”

Dare you to try it.