Vote: ACC's team of the future

The ACC will look different in 2014 with the departure of Maryland to the Big Ten and the addition of Louisville, but how much different will the conference really look three years from now?

Earlier this morning I gave you the ACC's future power ranking, playing off the theme of the week and trying to figure out which teams are best suited for long-term success. Considering the strength of recruiting for both Clemson and Florida State, neither of those teams seems to be going anywhere anytime soon. And there isn't much indication that the likes of Boston College, Duke and Virginia are going to overwhelm anyone in their respective divisions.

North Carolina and Miami, though, appear to be closing the gap and ready to contend for titles, and anything can happen in the Atlantic Division once Louisville enters the picture. Are the Cards here to stay, though, or was 2012 a fleeting moment? Despite their constant hovering at the top of the ACC rankings, neither FSU nor Clemson has done anything to truly separate itself from the rest of the league and dominate.

So what's your take? Based on what we know now -- considering recruiting, coaching and overall program stability -- which team gets your vote as the ACC's team of the future? Which team is best positioned for success over the next three years? Cast your vote now.