Tuesday Mailblog: Welcome to my office

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Where is Dr. Lou when you need him? I should hang a shingle on the blog and become a therapist for the ACC fans who are down and out these days. And it's only Week 5. Here, have a seat on the couch ...

Baldwin from Boston writes: My beloved Eagles aren't lookin too hot these days, can you talk me off the ledge? While the team looked great on the scoreboard this week, the offense was horrendous. Crane doesn't seem to be able to make the quick read or have the accuracy to even be an average qb in the ACC. DD however seemed calmer, quicker with his passes and gave the team a well needed spark. With practically the same experience why wouldn't you build with the younger QB? Keep up the good work and go Eagles!

Heather Dinich: I can promise you this: Jeff Jagodzinski is going to get Dominique Davis about 20 plays a game, according to his Sunday teleconference. That said, Davis is still the backup. If it makes you feel any better, it could be worse. You could be a Carolina fan ...

Justin in Charlotte writes: As a UNC alum, that was awful news and will be a devastating hit to our chances to even make a bowl game. I guess it's hard to fully assess Paulus from a little over a quarter of play, but it did not look good to say the least. I think it's looking more like a 5-7 season at this point. What are your thoughts?

Heather Dinich: Yeah, I'm not going to criticize a redshirt freshman who has been thrown into this situation, but I will say the loss of Yates has it looking bleak. UConn deserves some credit. As poorly as Notre Dame has played, that's still not a given. When I look at their schedule I think the bye week comes at a perfect time for Yates to return. It would give him some time to get out and practice before Georgia Tech. If it's any later than that, the team is in trouble. Who knows what Paulus will do, though.

Jonathan from Raleigh writes: It seems like whenever espn says something good about nc state's team or players, someone gets hurt. All last week it was how good irving is. He hurt his leg. Hill is going to be one of the best tight ends in the conference. He hasnt played all season. Wilson proved himself as the offencive leader for state's offence. He's out for the next game. I say start talking bad about state's players and we might be able to get someone healthy. Thanks - jonathan

Heather Dinich: I have tried to warn people about the bad luck I bring teams. Seriously. I once had a high school soccer coach tell me I couldn't stand behind his bench anymore because they always lose when I do. Penn State was 3-9 the first year I covered them. Worst. Season. Ever. I tried to tell Jimbo Fisher about the Dinich Curse and he didn't listen. However, I am bringing the Hokies a ton of luck ...

Brad in Danville writes: When you make your predictions for this week could you please pick against VT? You maybe be our good luck charm considering they do the opposite of whatever you predict. (Furman doesn't count. That's a no-brainer).

Heather Dinich: I don't know, Brad, I actually like the Hokies' chances at Nebraska.

Zach in San Fran writes: What is it going to take against UNC this weekend for Miami to jump into the top 25? After Florida completely blew out Tennessee, I would hope people will remember that the Canes shut down the Gators for 3 quarters and that the game was closer than the score indicated.

Heather Dinich: A win against UNC won't do much to help the Canes' national reputation, especially since T.J. Yates is out (I think you submitted that question before that news broke, though). But the win at Texas A&M looked good, and if they keep up and knock off Wake Forest on Oct. 25, I'd say they make a great case to be ranked.

Jon in Atlanta, Ga. writes: I for one am rather surprised and pleased with the job Paul Johnson is doing at GT. I feel they are miles ahead of the game. I first thought it would take a year or two to even reach a bowl again. Well after being 3-1 and 5-1 looking awful good, I think a bowl this year is in reach. How long do you think it will take them to become a legitimate team to vie for a BCS bowl? I originally thought 3 years, but the way it's looking it might be next year. Paul Johnson is an outstanding coach. What are your thoughts?

Heather Dinich: I couldn't agree with you more. This team looks ahead of schedule and Duke and Garnder-Webb are both winnable games. Because they are such a young team, the Jackets are only going to get better. Problem is, same can be said for a lot of teams in the Coastal Division. GT could win seven or more games this year. This team has just as good a shot at the Orange Bowl as anyone.

Greenville writes: Hey Heather. I'm fairly new to the college football scene and interested in the picks for week 5, specifically for the Clemson v. MD game. When do the pics come out? And is there a "standard" ACC football prediction/pick that I can find on-line for each week's games? Thnks for your help!

Heather Dinich: Yep, picks are posted every Thursday morning. I usually have them up around 9 or so.

Somebody in Washington, D.C., writes: Heather, regarding FSU's turnaround (or not). Is Jimbo Fisher the real deal. I see Les Miles still doing good things at LSU; Nick Sabin has gone in to Alabama and in his second season really got them pointing in the right direction. Even Miami seems to be showing signs of progress. I had hoped that Jimbo would be getting things moving in the right direction but just not sure. Does he have the stuff or did he just benefit from being on the team with Nick & Les.

Heather Dinich: He better be the "real deal," considering he's the next man up. I think it's too early to judge, considering they've played just one ACC game. This Colorado game should be a little more revealing.