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AA here to answer your questions.

Kyle in Miami writes: What's up AA? I'm a Cane alum and was talking to my Florida alum friend. He states for UM to seriously be "back" they can't be concerned about beating teams like North Carolina. Instead they need to focus on the "real" programs in the ACC like Clemson, FSU, and Virginia Tech. You don't see Florida worrying about Vanderbilt or Mississippi State right?

Andrea Adelson: Florida should be worried about Vanderbilt, considering what James Franklin is doing up there. I understand what your buddy is trying to say. But for Miami to be "back," the Canes have to win all their games, and that includes North Carolina, Duke and anybody else they play in the ACC. Miami cannot afford to overlook anybody, especially when it seems pretty clear the best shot an ACC team has at playing for a national title is to go undefeated. Gotta win 'em all, Kyle.

Trenton Tovar in Nashville, Tenn., writes: On your article about receivers with the best TD to touches ratio, NC State receiver Bryan Underwood has a career ratio of 1:5. Not trying to say he is the best (he had a few too many drops last year), just thought he should get a mention.

Adelson: I did not include Underwood because I just featured all-purpose receivers, but here is his mention!

rtXC1 in Denison, Texas, writes: Hey AA! I know one of the headlines of CFB Media Days has been the new targeting rules. Coach (Will) Muschamp says he'd like an NFL-like punishment system, where the officials gather on Monday and decide if a one-game suspension is warranted, rather than ejections. To me, it seems more fair to take that approach as every player will serve the same amount of punishment (whereas some players currently might be ejected in the first quarter, rather than the third or fourth). Also, this takes away the need to review an ejection and the possibility of a penalty still standing after an overturned ejection, which is controversial. Any chance this gains steam for the 2014 season?

Adelson: I don't think we are ever going to get away from controversy surrounding this rule. Unlike the NFL, college is made up of various conferences so I still don't think you are going to get uniform decisions across the country. And as we have seen in recent days, the head of officials in these conferences have different opinions on what exactly should cause an ejection for "targeting." I think folks are going to take more of a wait-and-see approach this season to gauge how the rules changes impact games and then go from there. I just don't think there is a way to take subjectivity out of this discussion entirely, no matter the changes or punishment.

Scott in Kill Devil Hills, N.C., writes: What if UNC upsets South Carolina in the opener? Which team from the ACC has the best shot at an upset against the SEC in the first two weeks when the top half of the SEC, Florida, Bama, Georgia and S. Carolina take on the ACC?

Adelson: If North Carolina upsets South Carolina, the Tar Heels will jump into the Top 25 and John Swofford will do a jig. ACC credibility will be restored! Well, just for Thursday night. I think it is important for the ACC to at least split in the early going with those games against the SEC. The two with the best shot at a win are Clemson over Georgia, and Miami over Florida. I just don't think Virginia Tech is on the same level as Alabama, and it's going to be tough for North Carolina to take down South Carolina with so many key players gone.

Jordan in Cary, N.C., writes: What chance do you give Duke of upsetting a ranked team this year?

Adelson: Who says Duke will actually play a ranked team this year? Nobody on the schedule is projected to be in the preseason Top 25. Virginia Tech and Miami could conceivably be ranked at some point, but it's too early to place hypotheticals there.

Matt in Winston-Salem writes: A ton of ACC alumni here in the Triad are starting to get excited about the '13 season. I thought you made a great point, recently, about FSU's backs being snubbed by the Doak Walker committee. But with no 1,000-yard rushers since (Warrick) Dunn, how can we complain? Let's face it, RB recruits have seen enough, and are beginning the slow walk away from FSU. I'd like to know if you or Jimbo (Fisher) thinks there's some pressure for FSU to finally end this curse...not just for a rookie qb's sake, but for the future of the position in Tallahassee.

Adelson writes: I wouldn't say pressure. I just don't think Florida State at this point is going to be going with a workhorse back the way they had with Dunn. Fisher is perfectly fine with splitting the carries between Devonta Freeman and James Wilder Jr., and I am sure we will see some Mario Pender this year as well. Pender, I am sure you recall, was a four-star back out of high school so I don't know that recruits are backing away from the Noles. Florida State clearly can produce NFL quality talent at any position.

Michael Lee Jr in Blacksburg, S.C., writes: With the bowls announced, you mean to tell me Clemson-Carolina, FSU-Florida, GT-Georgia could happen a second time in a single year? The question becomes will the results be different or the same?

Adelson: No, Michael, that in all likelihood would not happen. The new bowl arrangements will allow for greater flexibility in matchups and the league office will have input. So you can bet both the SEC and ACC will want to avoid rematches if at all possible.