Maryland QB Brown ready to go

Maryland quarterback C.J. Brown has been at full strength for more than two months know, so it is easy to see why he is so eager to get back on the practice field.

During the spring, he was limited to individual drills and seven-on-seven as he continued to rehab his injured knee. But that changed in May, when Brown was given the OK to ditch his knee brace and participate fully. Brown says he is 100 percent headed into fall practice next week.

"After I got cleared from the brace, I sat down, talked to our trainer and strength staff and they said we’ll ease you out of the brace, make sure you get comfortable," Brown said. "The first day I went out, just didn’t even bring the brace out. Just went out there and kinda did it. Sure enough, everything’s been fine. It felt great. Nothing's been sore. Just doing exercises to maintain, to keep it healthy. I feel really good and confident about my leg."

Brown was asked to reflect on the nightmare that hit the quarterbacks group last season. Maryland lost four quarterbacks in all, and started freshman linebacker Shawn Petty the final four games of the season. Brown says he has no concerns that another streak of bad luck will hit again this year.

"I believe it was a fluke," Brown said. "Hopefully it was a one-time thing. I wouldn’t wish that upon any team ever, for four quarterbacks to go down and to have to start a true freshman linebacker at quarterback, it’s not a realistic situation. It’s just unbelievable how that turn of events occurred."

Brown said he has been able to do drills with his receivers two or three times a week in the offseason as they work to rebuild their chemistry. One of the strongest parts of the Terps headed into the year is their depth and talent at receiver, with Stefon Diggs returning and the addition of transfer Deon Long.

"The chemistry, it’s getting there," Brown said. "I’m not going to say it’s firm because we have a lot of time before camp and in through camp but it’s growing and it’s headed in a positive direction."