BC staff heads on retreat

Boston College coach Steve Addazio is ready to get away -- from everything but football.

The first-year Eagles’ coach is taking his assistants on a two-day, on-campus retreat, starting today. They’ll eat, sleep and talk football for 48 hours -- no players, and the wives won’t join them until a dinner at the end.

“We’re not taking a bunch of phone calls, other than recruiting,” Addazio said. “I get interrupted 17,000 times a day. I want to be completely submerged in football. This is a football retreat. We’re going to talk football, we’re going to go through program goals, we’re going to go through philosophies, we’re going to get up and we’re going to coach each other. There’s going to be fundamental technique coaching, there’s going to be schematic coaching. Get the rust off you a little bit, get language right, how you’re teaching. Is it good, clean, direct, concise teaching? We’ll self-evaluate.”

Addazio said this is a staff-building exercise he learned from his days at Florida with Urban Meyer. They’ll break to eat, and that’s about it. Addazio said they’ll work through the night, but as former players, it’s something they all look forward to.

“Two days of intense football, no interruptions, no distractions,” he said. “Long, long work days, but there’s a sense of bonding there.”

That seems to be the theme this year in Chestnut Hill.