Miami's standard its toughest opponent

The question is blunt because there is no other way to ask. Miami is not a place where the subject should be tip-toed around, anyway.

The question to coach Al Golden: "Shouldn't Miami -- given its history, its tradition and its location -- be a program that wins at least 10 games every single season?"

Golden shoots right back, "In terms of what?"

The question is repeated nearly word-for-word.

"You mean once we stabilize and move forward?" he asks. "Absolutely. That's why I chose the University of Miami and that's why I stayed at the University of Miami. ... I think it's fair to say that the standards are high at the University of Miami for sure."

It is also fair to say that Miami has failed to meet those standards for years now, much to the frustration of a proud fan base and an even prouder network of alumni -- players who helped bring the program back from the brink of devastation.

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