ACC tailgating: 'Pig is in' but Clemson and VT win

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

From the Cuban flavor in Miami to the Eagles' neighbors complaining in Chestnut Hill, ACC fans can experience a variety of tailgating experiences, but it's somewhere in the middle of the conference where fans seems to enjoy themselves the most. Clemson and Virginia Tech are hard to rival on game day, and even out-of-town guests have admitted it. But each school has its own unique flavor, including Carolina barbecue.

North Carolina has "Tar Heel Town," an area located centrally on campus in the main quad on Polk Place. There is traditional Eastern style barbecue and other games and activities. The team does its Old Well Walk from the Old Well through Tar Heel Town and into the stadium.

And don't forget that "pig is in" at NC State, too, especially considering one of the Wolfpack's biggest boosters, Wendell Murphy (Murphy Center?) is a big-time pig farmer.

Most underrated scene? Virginia. There is a great tradition at Wilk Hall.

Biggest dud? Maryland. This is the one school you won't have any problem with "game day traffic."

Place I'd most like to tailgate: Florida State. Everyone looked like they were having too much fun without me last Saturday.