How far can Logan Thomas take Hokies?

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- The transformation of Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas literally began from the ground up.

It started this past spring, with a focus on his legs, especially his footwork. Next was his upper body, then his throwing motion, and, finally, his eyes and how he read defenses. There was an emphasis on taking the proper drop with the proper rhythm to improve his accuracy. They were subtle changes -- like correcting a golf swing -- so that his upper and lower body are coordinated in one fluid motion.

"If you saw Logan earlier, he just was all off -- not using his legs to throw the ball," receiver D.J. Coles said. "Now, he's using his whole body. He's got more velocity."

They were small changes with the hope of one drastic result: reducing last season's 16 interceptions -- a number that has come to define Thomas' 2012 season, fair or not.

"I used to step away from my target, and that would cause my ball to float or dive into the dirt," Thomas said. "We've cleaned it up to where I step to my target, through my target, and everything is driven and way more accurate now. All of my receivers who were here before can definitely tell a difference. In the past three days of practice, they've said, 'You've been as accurate, and your ball has been as hard as it ever has before.' It's nice to go out there and just do what you want with the ball and not worry about where it's going to end up."

Like in the hands of Alabama's defense.

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