Tajh Boyd No. 2 in latest Heisman Watch

Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd is No. 2 in this week's Heisman Watch for ESPN.com, followed by No. 8 Jameis Winston and No. 10 Sammy Watkins.

As good as Boyd is, I'm just astounded at what Marcus Mariota does for Oregon. I watched a lot of the Alabama-A&M game this past weekend, and while both quarterbacks were outstanding, Johnny Manziel's two picks were the difference in the game. There's no question he's one of the best quarterbacks and players in the country, but AJ McCarron had the better day. I'm in the minority leaving him off, but right now Boyd and Mariota are both playing for national title contenders and they've both done more for their respective teams. Last year, his performance against Alabama won Manziel the Heisman. It just didn't happen this year. Colleague Andrea Adelson -- and many others -- still think he's top-five. Here's how we voted this week:

HD's votes:

1. Mariota

2. Tajh Boyd

3. Teddy Bridgewater

4. Todd Gurley

5. Jameis Winston

AA's votes:

1. Boyd

2. Johnny Manziel

3. Mariota

4. Bridgewater

5. Gurley