Smith not ashamed of father's name

A few years ago, back when Brentson Buckner was still training athletes who were preparing for the NFL, a friend request popped up on his Facebook page. He recognized the name immediately. He'd known Terrance Smith since the day he was born.

Terrance was still in high school, starring at Atlanta's Southwest DeKalb, and he was looking for tips to improve his game. Buckner, a former star at Clemson before a long NFL career, was happy to oblige. They traded several messages before Buckner noticed the photos on Terrance's page, the ones of the lanky football player wearing the No. 24 jersey. The resemblance between Terrance and his father, Terry, was astonishing.

"I'm talking the spitting image," said Buckner, who spent five years at Clemson with Terry.

Terrance hears the comparisons all the time.

He's 6-foot-4, but he's graceful and agile. The way he runs, his grandfather, Terry Sr., said, looks just like his dad.

He's a meticulous dresser, perfectly coordinating outfits with each item neatly pressed. His mother, Angela, remembers Terry doing the same.

His cousin, former Clemson wideout DeAndre Hopkins, modeled his own game after Terry, who finished his career as the school's all-time leading receiver. Still, it's Terrance, now a linebacker at Florida State, who strikes that same look without effort.

"A lot of my family," Terrance said, "they kind of look at me like I'm a ghost."

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