Instant replay: Additional plays under review

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

As promised, here's a look at the additional plays that can be reviewed this season, according to Doug Rhoads. I'll wrap up the rest of my interview with him tomorrow:

• A field goal can now be reviewed if the only issue is did it go over the cross bar or inside the upright? If it's above the upright, then only the official can determine it.

"That's the position I worked; I was a backjudge," Rhoads said. "I'm under the goalpost. I'm standing under there looking up at the upright. I see that it's above the upright. I have to rule. The entire ball must be inside the line of an imaginary plane on the inside part of the pipe. So, if any part of the ball is over the pipe, it's no good. No replay is going to give you that view or establish that."

• In the past, if an official ruled a player's knee was down and then the ball came loose, that was not a fumble. When his knee was down, the play was over. Once he's down, there's no review. Now, regardless of what the official rules, if there is an immediate recovery, they can review it to make sure possession is rewarded to the right team. Replay won't happen when there's a huge cluster and officials are trying to figure out who has the ball under the pile. Only the officials can determine that. But if there's a split second when the ball comes loose, another player recovers it and the play is dead, they can review it and see whether his knee was down or not.

• At the goal line, when a player is running to get to the corner near the endzone and he leaps in the air and is close to the sideline, and the official rules he's out of bounds a foot short of the goal -- this can now be reviewed. In the past it couldn't because it wasn't a scoring play. (Well, it might have been if he hadn't been ruled out of bounds.) So now if there's that kind of play and the ball carrier was on the verge of scoring, they can stop and review it and award the score, saying no, his foot was not out before the ball crossed the plane. Or the reverse of it.

While there are certain things than can and cannot be reviewed, Rhoads said "replay can correct any egregious errors.

"If there's something that even if it wasn't reviewable by rule, but there's an egregious error -- a down is missed, whatever -- this allows egregious errors to be fixed."