Georgia Tech's NC hopes slim

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

So close, yet so far away.

No. 7 Georgia Tech is the nation's top one-loss team, and yet it might as well be ranked No. 25 for how realistic its chances are at playing for the national title.

I checked in with ESPN's BCS guru, Brad Edwards, to see what would need to happen in order for Georgia Tech to sneak in, and Edwards wrote in an e-mail this morning that it's an unlikely scenario, and at least five of the six undefeated teams in front of Georgia Tech would have to lose. Edwards doesn't think Georgia Tech will surpass TCU, Cincinnati or Boise State unless those teams lose.

It's unfortunate for Georgia Tech that it doesn't have a meaningful game late in the season, and that a win over a 5-4 Georgia team would do little to boost the Jackets in the BCS standings. Florida, Alabama and Texas are the main programs standing in everyone else's way right now, and the odds are in favor of a Texas vs. SEC champ matchup in the most meaningful game of the season.

By finishing the season with just one loss, though, Paul Johnson has proven in just his second season that, yes, Georgia Tech can be a national title contender with him at the helm.