USA Today report: Assistant coaches' salaries

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

This USA Today report isn't based on individuals, rather the total payroll for each staff, so it's not like we can compare head-coaches-in-waiting Jimbo Fisher and James Franklin. (Although you would have to assume that they are the highest-paid assistants on staff, and according to the report, that would put Fisher at $629,000 and Franklin at $468,954.) That's an assumption, though. Maybe Chuck Amato is the highest-paid coach at FSU. Or Mickey Andrews. Who's the head coach again?

Could you imagine if all of the assistant coaches knew what each other was making? And you thought the head-coach-in-waiting plan divided staffs. This report alone is enough to get the testosterone flowing.

What the fact-based numbers tell us are: Florida State and Virginia Tech dish out the most money to their assistant coaches, and Virginia allots the least. The highest-paid assistant coach is at FSU with $629,000, and the lowest-paid assistant coach is at Clemson, with $113,000. Boston College, Duke, Miami and Wake Forest salaries were unavailable.

Here are the numbers, according to USA Today:

Florida State: $2,455,808 (ranges from $137,000-$629,000)

Virginia Tech: $2,037,172 (ranges from $142,285-$402,000)

North Carolina: $1,985,000 (ranges from $160,000-$330,000)

Clemson: $1,857,730 (ranges from $113,000-$375,000)

Maryland: $1,817,490 (ranges from $115,000-$468,954)

Georgia Tech: $1,680,000 (ranges from $160,000-$288,500)

NC State: $1,642,684 (ranges from $148,112-$237,500)

Virginia: $1,551,789 (ranges from $136,000-$275,000)