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Some ACC fans want to pummel me. Others want to tailgate with me. This girl, she just wants to tickle me ...

Lauren in Waukesha, Wis., writes:Hey Heather, love the ACC coverage! Keep up the good work!My question is, if I went all "big sister" mode on you and started tickling, how much could you take before you finally break down and admit Duke has a chance to take down both GT and Wake to make a bowl game this year??

Heather Dinich: Lauren, I'd say "you win." The Blue Devils definitely have a chance to upset Georgia Tech this weekend. They're at home, they've got one of the best quarterbacks in the conference, and a coach who can match wits with Paul Johnson. And the Jackets' defense has been too inconsistent for anyone to be confident it can stop Thaddeus Lewis for four quarters. That being said, I think Duke's defense is in for the bigger challenge, and Duke has a better chance to beat Wake Forest, and in the end, that won't be enough to get to a bowl game.

Tiago in Charlottesville, Va., writes: Hey Heather,I know nothing is for sure with the Virginia coaching situation, but if Al Groh 'resigns' at the end of the year, who do you think would be front-runners for the position? I'd love to see Bud Foster or Mike London on the sideline next year. Foster would amp up the UVa-Tech rivalry to another level (not to mention make us a far better team) and London coached here a few years ago and would definitely improve our recruiting situation.

HD: I'll be honest, I don't like naming coaches' replacements while they're still trying to do their jobs. I don't think it's fair. That being said, both coaches you mentioned are definitely deserving, but I would think London would be the more likely candidate to take it. That being said, everyone knows Foster wants a head job. Would he really turn that down? Al Golden at Temple could be another option.

Jason in Newton, N.C., writes: With a win Saturday, would Riley Skinner be the only starting QB to go 4-0 against Florida State? I can think of a few teams that would have had the opportunity to beat FSU four straight, but have had trouble thinking of one of those teams that would have had a four-year starter at QB.

HD: Yes, during the Bowden era, Skinner would be the only starting quarterback to beat FSU four straight times. And Jim Grobe would be only the fourth coach to beat Bowden four straight. Larry Coker, Jimmy Johnson and Urban Meyer have done it. there's a very select club that has won three straight times.

vthokielover8 from "the boards" writes: Is it premature to say that Ryan Williams is a shoe-in for ACC ROY?Do you think he is the best Rookie in college football?

HD: Well, what about Boston College true freshman linebacker Luke Kuechly? What if the Eagles win the Atlantic Division? But yes, I think Ryan has made a great case so far, and he has been one of the top rookies in the country. As for if he is the best rookie in the nation? I'd have to do better research on that before answering. There are actually two freshmen ranked ahead of him nationally in rushing. Speaking of Williams ...

Nathan in Roankoke, Va., writes: What do you think the chances are for Ryan Williams to have a career/record breaking peformance like the one Evans had last year against Maryland?

HD: Maryland's rushing defense hasn't been great this year -- eighth in the conference at 141.11 yards per game. Williams is averaging 123.22. Darren Evans rushed for 253 yards and one touchdown last year against the Terps. I don't see Williams taking off like that, but I don't doubt he'll find plenty of creases.

ACC blogger Heather Dinich answers a couple of questions from the mailbag.