Few surprises in the ACC

Despite the numerous close games in the conference through the first 10 weeks, this Saturday has been different in the ACC. The teams that are supposed to win are winning -- Clemson and Georgia Tech.

Not even the slightest hints of upsets in Durham and Raleigh. The ACC, believe it or not, is following the script. Both the Jackets and Tigers hold comfortable leads heading into the fourth quarter and seem destined for Tampa, but don't forget, in order for Clemson to clinch the Atlantic, Boston College has to lose to Virginia today.

Virginia Tech is leading Maryland 27-3 heading into the half, and the Terps' offense -- which is without starting quarterbach Chris Turner -- is going nowhere under the direction of backup Jamarr Robinson. They've been held to under 100 yards each in passing and rushing so far. Tyrod Taylor has already thrown three touchdown passes, and Ryan Williams has added another.

The lone surprise has been in Winston-Salem, where Florida State leads Wake Forest 34-21. It's not like Wake Forest isn't moving the ball. In fact, they've done well at a balanced game plan. But Florida State has done better, and they've done it with Christian Ponder on the sideline. There's always at least one unpredictable performance in the ACC, and so far, the Noles' 20-point lead is it.