Defenses set tone early

Clemson celebrating? Already? Go figure.

The Atlantic Division champs were called for excessive celebration after Kyle Parker's 16-yard touchdown pass to Dwayne Allen put the Tigers ahead 7-0 in the first quarter. Clemson has been making great use of its tight ends this season -- that was the seventh touchdown reception by one this year. But it's not as if the Tigers have been having their way with Virginia's defense. They've gotten some good field position.

Virginia fumbled on the first play of its opening possession, and Clemson was unable to do anything with it in the red zone. Clemson got as close as Virginia's four-yard line, but the Cavs' defense held strong. If you haven't seen him yet this year, pay attention to Virginia's Steve Greer, who made a critical stop on Clemson's first drive and entered the game with 80 tackles, the most by a UVA freshman since 2002.