Follow-up on NC State's Bible

NC State offensive coordinator Dana Bible has been diagnosed with leukemia, and is currently in the UNC Cancer Center, where he will receive treatment for the next 30 days.

Technically, it's called Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. O'Brien didn't have any other medical information, other than Bible is still undergoing tests. O'Brien informed the quarterbacks this morning, and said he would tell the rest of the team this afternoon. He said it was a very difficult trip to Blacksburg on Saturday without Bible, and it's only gotten tougher since then. O'Brien found out on Friday night, when he called Bible from the team hotel at Virginia Tech, and Bible was still in Raleigh waiting for the ambulance to take him to Chapel Hill.

O’Brien said he will temporarily hire Jay Civetti, who was a graduate assistant at Boston College when O’Brien was there, and followed him to Raleigh the first season O’Brien was on staff with NC State. Civetti, who is now offensive coordinator at Tufts, will try to help the offense prepare for this week’s rivalry game against North Carolina.

“This is tough news to hear,” said safety Bobby Floyd. “I don’t work as closely with coach Bible as some of the offensive players, but he’s such a fiery person on the field you couldn’t miss him. He’s a family man. This has to be tough news on him and his family and I’m sorry to hear it."

So is the rest of the ACC.

It's been an emotionally draining year for the Boston College family, which learned of Mark Herzlich's battle with cancer this past May, and now Bible, who coached with O'Brien at Boston College and followed him to NC State. Herzlich's story has been an inspiration to us all, as he is now cancer free, and O'Brien reached out for your thoughts and prayers with the hopes that Bible might be able to say the same.