Tuesday ACC mailblog

Let's get to it.

Bryan in Columbus, Ohio, writes: HD, how early to teams start receiving and accepting bowl invitations? I don't expect a great bowl this year but at least the streak shall go on and we aren't the next Michigan!! GO NOLES!

Heather Dinich: As soon as the championship games are over, then everyone starts to sort things out. And yes, you're right, it could be worse. I think.

Jack in Wrightsville Beach, N.C. writes: First off, just wanted to say i enjoy reading your articles while at work. They help a lot.I just wanted to know why Spiller is getting more love than Williams right now. I know that Ryan Williams gets love from all the writers. But shouldn't it be Ryan Williams as the acc top running back? He has over 1000 yrds rushing and 15 TD's, Spiller has less than 900 yards and 7 TD.I hope you can clear that up for me thanks.

HD: Thanks for reading, Jack. I think there are several factors involved in that, and Georgia Tech fans have the same question about Jonathan Dwyer. Spiller is getting the attention right now because of three main reasons: A) The Tigers are in the ACC championship game, the Hokies are not, and Spiller played a huge role in getting them there. B) He's the most versatile player in the conference, and the most accomplished, though he might not be the best pure running back. And C) His career accomplishments have led to one record-breaking weekend after another this year. Williams will get his due eventually.

Jim in Tallahassee, Fla., writes: "The disparity between these two programs can be seen everywhere from coaching..."Please do not lump all the FSU coaches together. FSU's offense was probably better this year than UF's with Christian Ponder. Defensive coaching, now that is a huge disparity.

HD: Fair point, Florida's offense hasn't exactly wowed anyone this year, but I was referring to a rookie vs. a Heisman winner, and the fact that Florida State's staff doesn't know which direction it's headed and there are too many cooks in the kitchen right now.

Mark in Woodstock, Ga., writes: I see you like Va Tech to make another trip to Atlanta for the Chick-fil-A bowl. Do you seriously think Va Tech and bowl reps want them in town for what would be their third game this year? I easily see the loser of Clemson vs. Ga Tech ending up in this game since Chick-fil-A gets the second pick after BCS.

HD: I do, Mark, and that's because I spoke with the president of the Chick-fil-A Bowl, and he told me so. Don't forget that prediction is based on the fact I think Clemson might -- might -- have a chance to upset Georgia Tech. Do you really think the Chick-fil-A Bowl wants the same team twice after the Jackets were blown out by LSU last year?

Andy in Robin's Nest, Hawaii, writes: How significant is it that GT is the only ACC team to beat an SEC team this season?And they were both on the road. If they win this weekend , GT will be 3-0 against the all mighty SEC.

HD: It's huge, considering the only true measure of conferences is when they play against each other. Historically, Georgia Tech has scheduled more SEC teams than any other ACC team, too. Of course, you have to remember that the Jackets aren't lining up Florida and Alabama, and with the way Georgia is playing, the Jackets should beat the Vandys of the world.

Roger in Blacksburg writes: Hey, in your chat there was a question asking if you will be at the Boise St. game to open the season v. VT. A coworker of mine at The Roanoke Times told me it's actually in October, as I originally heard. Can you confirm this? Also, David Wilson will redshirt next year won't he?

HD: As far as I know, it's still the season opener and the original date, but I'll post an update if I confirm that changes.