Wedding-crashing Canes

There are wedding gifts, and then there are wedding gifts, as Miami superfan Pedro Lopez learned Saturday.

Lopez's wife, Susana, arranged for Hurricanes mascot Sebastian the Ibis to show up at the couple's wedding party. He even got dressed up for the occasion, wearing a blazer.

And then he brought a surprise guest, none other than star running back Duke Johnson, the couple's favorite player.

From the Palm Beach Post's Matt Porter:

According to UM spokesman Chris Yandle, the bride paid to have Sebastian appear -- he commands $250-300 for a few hours -- and the Hurricanes thought they’d throw in a special bonus.

“We said, ‘What if we brought Duke, too?” said Yandle, who added that although the groom knew Sebastian would be there, “he definitely didn’t know Duke would be there.”

Yandle said the idea sprang from UM’s initiative to “[do] more in the community,” which is part of its “RENEWED” marketing campaign.

Of course, athletic department staff members were on hand to ensure that no NCAA rules were violated. Miami released a video Monday featuring Sebastian giving his best try on the dance floor.

There is out-kicking your coverage, and then there is marrying someone who goes to great lengths to appease your college football fandom. Bravo to all for making this happen.

Here are some additional tweets and pictures from all of the weekend fun: