Swofford: Autonomy vote should pass

ACC commissioner John Swofford at media days (4:40)

ACC commissioner John Swofford talks with ESPN.com's Andrea Adelson at ACC media days about the upcoming College Football Playoff, potential autonomy and the O'Bannon case. (4:40)

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- ACC commissioner John Swofford is confident a proposal granting the Power Five conferences more autonomy will pass when it comes up for a vote next month.

Last week, the NCAA announced its board of directors will decide on Aug. 7 whether to accept the proposal, aimed at allowing the larger conferences the ability to make decisions that benefit their athletes and institutions. Athletic directors and athletes would have more say in governance as well, two key factors in the proposed changes the ACC has supported.

Speaking at the start of ACC media days Sunday, Swofford admitted the proposal is not perfect, but it does more than enough to get much-needed changes implemented.

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