ACC's lunchtime links

As many schools open fall camp this weekend, talking season will die down.

And if you've been following along during this seemingly eternal offseason, you know that this year's chatter among coaches in particular has been extra salty.

Colleague Chris Low examined the dynamic in a column Thursday, looking at some of the jabs between coaches during July. The Wall Street Journal takes a different spin on things, looking at which coaches from each conference are the biggest chatterboxes.

The result, at least in the ACC, is a bit surprising.

Syracuse's Scott Shafer comes away with the title, having said 2,075 words on a transcript the WSJ analyzed. Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer was the least talkative, at 1,153 words.

The Beamer bit is not all that shocking. But the fact that Jimbo Fisher or Dabo Swinney is not at the top certainly raised an eyebrow. Math is math and it is difficult to argue, so we'll reason that Fisher's fast-talking ways make it seem like he says a lot more than he actually does. And, well, who can forget some of Dabo's jabs last month?

As the old adage goes, sometimes it's about quality, not quantity, especially during talking season.

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