Swinney plays pool ... sort of

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney is generally game for anything.

Want to get in a game of trash talk? You got it.

How about a game of pool? Sure.

How about a game of pool where you pretend to be the pool table?

Wait, what?

Swinney and the Tigers football team got a visit from world champion billiards player Loree Jon Jones on Tuesday. Jones, a Clemson fan who owns a retail billiards business in Greenville, S.C., decided to do one of her cool pool tricks right off Swinney's face as the team gathered around to watch. Swinney lays across the pool table, with a ball over his mouth. Jones takes her pool cue, gently taps the ball and what do you know? The ball lands in the corner pocket.

A jubliant Swinney rejoices. Mark that one off the bucket list.